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The Bilingual Reading of the Chinese - prodevochek.ru

The Bilingual Reading of the Chinese Classic:the Book of Changes in chinese and english

The Bilingual Reading of the Chinese Classic : THE CONFUCIAN ANALECTS. Language : English and Simplified Chinese

The Bilingual Reading of the Chinese Classic : TAO TE CHING. Language : English and Chinese

Sunzi: The Art of War. Language: bilingual Chinese and English

The Analects of Confucius. Language: bilingual Chinese and English

Confucius The Analects of Confucius in chinese and english bilingual Chinese philosophy textbook

10pcs Picture Book Children's Emotional Management Learn to manage yourself Bilingual audio version of the Chinese-English story

Ning Y. Stories of the Chinese: Intensive Audiovisual and Reading Course of Intermediate Chinese - Textbook 1 / Истории китайского народа Часть 1 - Книга с DV

This series of textbooks is adapted from a CCTV documentary program of the same name, including two volumes and altogether 16 lessons. It tells the stories about more than 20 Chinese people from all walks of life, ranging from taxi driver, retiree and fitness coach to fashion designer, collector and archaeologist, etc. The accompanying DVD videos present the authentic life, work and spirit of modern Chinese people in an audio-visual and lively way. Through an innovative combination of audiovisual and reading materials, the series turns "reading" texts into "watching" texts and integrates Chinese language learning into the learning of China's conditions and culture, therefore can largely enhance the instructive effect and deepen the students' understanding of China.

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A Practical Chinese Grammar for Foreigners + WB

The grammar explanation in A Practical Chinese Grammar for Foreigners (Bilingual Version of English And Chinese) is simple and clear, getting to the point with concise words. Besides introducing the most basic and the most practical grammatical rules, from the perspective of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, it sets chapters such as Ways of Showing Comparison and Ways of Expressing Emphasis. Moreover, in each unit, it targets the things that need attention in usage, plus the charts and examples are very practical.

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Chen X. Read This Way vol.1/ Учимся читать. Сборник текстов с упражнениями. Средний уровень (2000 слов). Часть 1 - Book&CD

This book is Volume One of "Read This Way" series. The 4 units provide topics such as "Chinese Character, Growing Up, Family Relationships, Names", etc. "Read This Way" is series of Chinese reading materials prepared for intermediate Chinese learners. It is suitable for those who have learned the basic grammar of modern Chinese, and have mastered about 2,000 common words. Altogether there are 28 units in 6 books. With four hours a week, 20 hours each semester, the whole series can be used for two semesters. This series has once been published with the title of Guide to Chinese Reading which has received warm welcome from the students. The revision maintains the formats of students' interest, while updates 80% of the contents to make them closely related with the contemporary situation in China. Due to years' use in teaching practice, the author is able to set detailed and scientific standards for reading speed, quality, etc. It is highly operational and effective for learners to improve their reading skills. In each unit, there are sections like intensive reading, extensive reading, skim/scan, look up in the dictionary, practice of characters, words and sentences, sentence comprehension, etc. Some of the units also provide culture notes explaining the culture phenomenon mentioned in the articles. The well designed combination of reading and exercises helps to train the students' reading ability comprehensively, and to enlarge their vocabulary effectively. .The accompanied free MP3 CD contains the recording of articles in Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading; and the Teacher's Manual provides answer keys to the exercises. Currently Volume 1 has been published; Volumes 2-4 will be published before the end of the year; and the other volumes are going to be published soon.

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The Diary of Mischief color illustration phonetic Chinese version of the beginner's reading books pinyin version

10 Books Chinese And English Bilingual Reading Children Book Story Books For kids Reading American Reading Novels kids Book

Li Z. Success with New HSK Level 5: Reading / Успешный HSK. Уровень 5: чтение

This book is a collection of simulated reading tests written according to the New HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus (Level 5). 12 sets of the simulated reading tests provide practice for the real ones. Detailed explanations of the answers and guidance for the test rapidly improve examinees reading skills.

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Cornelius C. Kubler Basic Mandarin Chinese - Reading & Writing Textbook

A complete beginning-level course for written Mandarin Chinese designed to teach you to read and write Mandarin quickly and efficiently! The Basic Mandarin Chinese series offers a complete introductory course superior to any other language product for Chinese. These books teach spoken and written Chinese separately, allowing you to focus on the area most important to you, and to learn the spoken and written forms of Chinese at different speeds depending on your available time and interest. The free audio recordings included with this book reinforce the content and make the learning process easy. Whether you're learning Mandarin for work, travel or other reasons—the Basic Mandarin Chinese approach of having two separate but integrated «tracks» helps you to learn the language more efficiently and more successfully. Key features of this Chinese textbook and online material include: Learn to read and write the 288 highest-frequency characters and over 700 words Designed to have you reading and writing simple, connected Chinese sentences quickly Both simplified and traditional characters are taught; you may choose to learn either or both Features a variety of fonts and styles—typeset and handwritten—preparing you to use Chinese characters in different contexts, from reading signs to texting on your phone The online material included with this book includes over 6 hours of audio recordings by various native speakers, including recordings of all the reading selections, new characters, and vocabulary. This textbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the Basic Mandarin Chinese—Reading & Writing Practice Book which provides a range of drills and exercises designed to enhance your proficiency in reading and writing Mandarin Chinese quickly.

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Libros Cangjie The Inventor of Characters Rainbow Bridge Graded Chinese Reader Words Level Chinese Reading Book Livros Books Art

Chinese English original books bilingual reading material extracurricular junior high school story books American reading novels

Ofelia Garcia The Handbook of Bilingual and Multilingual Education

The Handbook of Bilingual and Multilingual Education presents the first comprehensive international reference work of the latest policies, practices, and theories related to the dynamic interdisciplinary field of bilingual and multilingual education. Represents the first comprehensive reference work that covers bilingual, multilingual, and multicultural educational policies and practices around the world Features contributions from 78 established and emerging international scholars Offers extensive coverage in sixteen chapters of language and education issues in specific and diverse regional/geographic contexts, including South Africa, Mexico, Latvia, Cambodia, Japan, and Texas Covers pedagogical issues such as language assessment as well as offering evolving perspectives on the needs of specific learner populations, such as ELLs, learners with language impairments, and bilingual education outside of the classroom

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Bilingual Graded Chinese reader 1000 words: selected abridged Chinese contemporary short stories / HSK Level 4 Reading Book

8pcs/set Chinese and English bilingual storybook reading English enlightenment reading books for kids early childhood education

Xun, Liu New practical Chinese reader. Сборник упражнений. 2 часть. (2 издание)

New Practical Chinese Reader is a new series of textbooks designed for native English speakers to learn Chinese. It consists of 70 lessons in six volumes, covering beginning to intermediate levels for three years of instruction. It has been compiled under the guidance of the new HSK Guideline and in consultation with NOTCFL Syllabus. The objective of this series is to develop the student's ability to communicate in Chinese through the study of language structure, language function, and related cultural knowledge along with the training of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. In order to make the study of Chinese easier and more interesting, this textbook has the following features: the student will be in the cultural settings of Chinese society with several international students, Ding Libo (son of Gu Bo and Ding Yun), Lin Na and Ma Dawei. Through many interesting experiences, the student will not only learn authentic Chinese, but also understand Chinese society and culture. The instruction of functional items is emphasized. The student will learn to use Chinese from the very beginning of the learning process. Attention is paid to the instruction of pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and discourse and a gradual increase in difficulty, orderly advances and multiple repeats are stressed along with the usage of four large cycles to help students understand the language structure of Chinese. A new method of teaching Chinese characters is utilized to help students read and write intriguing characters. Combined instruction of the four basic skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing, is emphasized. It offers tremendous flexibility. The instructional materials are suitable for users at different starting points and with different goals. Abundant practice materials are supplied for the student to use inside and outside the classroom.

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